Leroy F. Moore, Jr.


Verse 1
DJ Quad spinning Paul Pena
Two generation doing the tango & voguing
Spirit of Cripple Clarence Lofton floats in the eyes
Of DJ Boogie Blind

Krip-Hip-Hop Honoring Black Blind Bluess

Verse 2
Peg leg Howell pushing Paraplegic MC
To the Soul Train Music Awards
Don Cornelius let the camera catch Robert Winter's wheelchair shine
Destination? The Music Hall of Fame yeah it's about time
Opening up coffins of Black blind Blues street musicians

Krip-Hip-Hop Honoring Black Blind Bluess

We name ourselves Blind Blues to Krip-Hop
Can't see can't hear can't walk
We've been here, us you can't stop
Back in time and into the future no more talk talk talk
Learned from yesterdays rip offs those contracts we'll rip up

Verse 3 Tin cups full with silver dollars
Street corners are again the studios
From The Mississippi Delta to the streets of Broklyn
Historical duets deaf and blind\feeling the beat
Sho Roc with Prinz-D & Al Hibler with Roland Kirk

Chorus Krip-Hip-Hop Honoring Black Blind Blues

Verse 4 Today Krip-Hop put the light on pimping
From Snoop Dog to Drake
Getting paid to fake the funk
Used to be white men now everyone
Black Blind Blues taught us real talent you can't fake

Krip-Hip-Hop Honoring Black Blind Blues

* * *


Black Kripple love story
Porgy singing to his lady
Love against all odds

Black kripple beggar
Took care of business
Made sure that they were together

Bess u is my woman
I loves you Porgy

Dealt with the public's pressure

Today's Porgy & Bess
Have to play chess
Filling out government boxes

Porgy was strong as an ox
Now beat down by Uncle Sam
Bess doing her best to love her man

They pass by singin',
They pass by cryin',
Always lookin'.
And they keep on movin'!

When God make cripple,
He mean him to be lonely.
Night time, daytime, He got to travel that lonesome road.
Night time, day time, He gotta travel that lonesome road.

Summer Time and The Living is not easy
Baby is crying because she is hungry
Porgy picked up on sit & lie city policy

Can't make his money
Can't provide for his family
Existing & fighting in poverty
Bess singing and crying

My man is gone now
The Po po took him some how
Got him bowing down

Three strikes bail so high
Bess, back to the oldest occupation, selling her body
Just to get her man out of the penitentiary

I Got Plenty O' Nothin'
Don't need anything
Just give me my Porgy

Gentrification sweeping
Closed down Catfish Row
Here come those buzzards

Man & woman just working

Troubles are coming
Buzzards pack your things & fly from here
Porgy is young again
look out all you politicians

It Ain't Necessarily so
What is in the Bible It Ain't Necessarily so

Everybody, queers kripples, all races

Jump over the broom get marry be happy

Darla, my Strawberry Woman with her red hair
Was wrapped up in Porgy's chocolate skin
Oh Bess Where's My Bess

Bess I want her now
Tell me the truth
Where is my girl
Where is my Bess

The state can't get in my way
Dragging my feet across this country
Oh Lord I'm on my way

Illegal love
Some say
Porgy & Bess came a long way

Living but not like Romeo & Juliet
Being Black Kripple & poor real day image
From 1912 to the end of time

Surviving in the saying of Fredrick Douglas
"no struggle no progress"
That is today's Porgy Bess


Leroy F. Moore, Jr. is a Black writer, poet, hip-hop\music lover, community activist and feminist with a physical disability. He is the creator of Krip-Hop Nation and produced Krip-Hop Mixtape Series. Moore was Co Host of a radio show in San Francisco at KPOO FM, KPFA FM and creator of Krip-Hop radio show www.alltalk.net that lasted for two years and is a longtime columnist at Poor Magazine in San Francisco. He has worked in the field of race and disability concerning blues, hip-hop, and social justice issues in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa. He is also the co-Founder of Sins Invalid. He is currently working on a book on Krip-Hop Nation.