A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 4     Issue 3     September 2010

Essays in this Issue

The essays in this issue have a slight bent towards poetry and art. Diane Kendig takes a look at the art of little known Spanish artist Maria Blanchard, discussing the difficulties of translating, and some of the problems in writing ekphrastic poetry stemming from Blanchard's work. Coming at art from a slightly different angle, Ona Gritz discusses the effect that the work of Frida Kahlo's portrayal of the non-normative body had on her and, eventually, her own work.

Kathi Wolfe, who was noted for her previous work on reworking perceptions of Helen Keller, explores how she transitioned from poetry that focused on an early twentieth century icon to the portrayal of a young, contemporary blind woman. Finally, essayist Ellen Williams returns with an essay on facing the reality of the life one is living.

Readers who have ideas for essays related to disability and poetry should contact the editors at comments@wordgathering.com.

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