A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 6     Issue 1     March 2012

Book Reviews and Excerpts in this Issue

In addition to providing a forum for poetry, one of the major interest of Wordgathering when it was first founded was to make readers aware of new books in the field of disability literature that they may not have been able to find in their local book stores While the journal began with and still keeps its primary focus on poetry, it has broadened out over the five years to include life writing, literary anthologies, and fiction. Over the past five years Wordgathering has reviewed almost one hundred new books.

This issue continues Wordgathering's commitment to poetry with the review of new poetry by three writers. Poet and co-publisher of Omnidawn books, Rusty Morrison experiments using poetry scripted from texts of George Bataille in Book of the Given. New Mexico poet, Lisa Gill creates her book Caput Nili from what was originally a performance piece. Raymond Luczak returns with a tenth anniversary addition of This Way to the Acorns that adds an updated retrospective essay. In the journal's effort to let readers know about disability fiction, still a very tiny drop in the flood of new novels, the editors present a review of Terry Tracy's picaresque novel A Great Place for a Seizure centered on a protagonist with epilepsy. Finally, Wordgathering's on going concern for literary theory and the arts is reflected in a review Norma Cole's collected cutting-edge essays and talks in To Be At Music.

While selections from new books of poetry can usually be represented quite well in the poetry section of the journal, this is not as easily the case in other genres of writing. As a result, from time to time Wordgathering includes excerpts of material that helps the readers get a somewhat better sense of books they may want to consider. This issue includes excerpts from Morrison's and Tracy's work, described above, as well as a sample essay from Cole's collection.

Writers interested in having Wordgathering review their new books should send a query to comments@Wordgathering.com. Wordgathering does use book reviews from guest reviewers. In the past guest reviewers have included Marie Kane, Barbara Crooker and Tracey Koretsky If you are a poet with a book (other than your own) that you are interested in reviewing, please contact us.

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