Stuart Sanderson


A computer is the best friend to have, especially when you are physically disabled, when you and your computer are working in harmony. You can travel the world without leaving your wheelchair using the Internet. Writing an e-mail to your friends and your family: you are touching somebody's heart by your words. Sometimes you can make new friendships, online with your thoughts too, rather than your physically appearances judging anything unless you want to write about your disability. I usually do, because it is better to be honest and I am not ashamed of it.

When I am operating a computer I feel free from my wheelchair and my cerebral palsy's body, for a few hours. Sometimes I can control a computer, much better than my body. Having a computer is like a healthy hand that creates something special and I am pleased with it. A mind is help by a computer; it expands your inner world to vast universe. And you will learn something new over time.

Stuart Sanderson Using Johnston Head Switch at the Computer
Stuart at the Computer

When I come in the computer lab, I feel I am entering another world. I leave my problems behind me for little while and fantasy awaits me, though the computer screen. There is much laughter going on, when a joke had been told and sometimes there is just humming of the computers when their users focus on their various projects. This lab is something very special and unique place, where the human minds is touch by a machine. Silent talents come alive, at Inglis House.


Stuart Sanderson is a resident of Inglis House in Philadelphia and an editory of Wordgathering. He was a winner in the 2001 Triton College Poetry competition. His work has been published in Ariel, Zillah, Quasimodo's Eyes, Poet's Fantasy and the Philadelphia Tribune. His autobiographical essay, "You've Go to Live" which chronicles his life with of cerebral palsy has been featured in educational material and forums.