A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 2     Issue 2      June 2008

Prose Writing in this Issue

The prose writing in past issues of Wordgathering has been limited to critical essay on the nature of disability poetry and essays by writers with disabilities on their own development as poets. though such work remains a priority for us, this issue offers a somewhat wider range of prose. Prose elctions in this issue are:

Kupper's essay continues the tradition of looking critically at disability writing as she examines a poem by Kathi Wolfe, whose book Helen Keller Takes the Stage is also reviewed in this issue. Innmon's and Martin's pieces are both personal essays. Innmon looks at the effect of her childhood voice on her writing as an adult. Martin's imaginative essay portrays the effect that lupus has had on her life. William's piece is a fanciful vignet about a runaway hat.

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